Friday, April 2, 2010

Fenrisian Wolves and some gaming fun

Alright, so the painting bug is still there. I have a mere few weeks (if I'm lucky) before Amy and I are blessed with our baby girl. Right now the Dr says she thinks we'll deliver sooner then later... and the due date is April 23, right around the corner. I think this may be part of why I've jumped head first into painting and gaming lately... I know the end may soon be near... at least for awhile.

Anyway, I've posted a few WIP pics of my first 10 Fenrisian wolves for your enjoyment. We go from assembled, to base coated in different colors, to washed with badab black. All this done in a matter of a couple of hours. I'm still getting used to this whole blog thing so I apologize for the pictures all showing up top... and of course they uploaded in reverse order...
As for the gaming fun, over the past couple of weeks I've gotten in about 7 games or so of Kill Teams from the new Battle Missions book. I've won all but one of these games so far. My friend Steve (yes another Steve) and I have been having a lot of fun with it and will be putting together a mini campaign for ourselves. A few of the guys at our LGS have expressed interest in joining us as well. I've also played a 2000 point game using none other then the fabled... get ready for it... MOVIE MARINES!!!! Holy crap are these guys some tough bastards! Steve used a Blood Angels list from the new codex, and let me tell you, the Sanguinar Host and Sanguinary Priests are pretty AWESOME. I had to call the game in turn 4 due to having to get home to the girlfriend. By that point I had lost one of my movie marines... and wiped out all but the Sanguinary Host and about 8 other marines from his list. Not to fun for him, but a lot of fun for me. Anyway, enough for the night. I'm off to bed, more later. Nite all

March Project... and into April

Wow, it's been quite awhile since I've posted anything. Sorry to those that are subscribers here... Anyway, I'm back at it and having a lot more fun lately. I missed finishing my February painting project which was supposed to be a unit of Grey Hunters and Lukas the Trickster. Shame on me!!! So, I pushed forward in March to get back on track and actually completed the dreadnaught I intened to paint. I'm VERY happy with the end result of the model as I struggled to get into the flow of painting it. Once I got into more of the detail, something clicked. I didn't put my paint brush down for nearly 2 hours. The next day I spent another 2 hours giving it some finishing touches. Now, mind you I've never been big into painting my armies, just never had the... drive to get it done. Now I'm sitting here with a Wolf Lord and a dreadnaught done and a unit of Grey Hunters about half done.

My next project, for April, is going to be a unit of Fenrisian Wolves. A fast attack unit obviously. I'm starting with 10 but will most likely do up 20 of them. On top of that, I'm going to build and maybe even get to paint up 5 Sky Claws as well. I'm hoping to make it a big month for painting and I've already got 10 of the wolves built. They are easy with only 4 pieces after all. For now, I'm signing off to get some painting done on these furry fellas. Later, I'll sign back in and post on some gaming I've actually been able to do of late. Stay tuned...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

February Painting Project

Alright, well, we are well into February now and the unit I'm supposed to complete this month is a 10 man Grey Hunter Squad with Lukas the Trickster attached. I have 9 men assembled (one is missing a shoulder pad) but am awaiting another box of the Wolf pack to get the 10th one done. I also have Lukas the Trickster assembled and ready for painting. Unfortunately this is as far as I've gotten the last week due to being sick. I've had no motivation to paint while laying on the couch or in bed coughing my lungs up. For now, here is a picture of what I've got so far... keep in mind this was taken before adding the remaining shoulder pads and backpacks to some of the guys... Enjoy

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well, I had another blog that I started, unfortunately due to my lack of memory I have to start a new one... can't remember the login information used for the other one. Oh well. Starting new is not exactly a bad thing.

Anyway, it's actually been months since I had posted on the previous blog as I was losing faith in my local gaming store for my gaming needs. I can't say that I've regained any faith in them, but I have at least gotten back in to the swing of gaming... oh, yeah... Warhammer 40k that is.

I'm a founding member of the 40k Fightclub based in Michigan... East Lansing, MI to be exact. The group I played with really got me into the game and helped me better myself on the tactical aspect of it. Played and lost many games before I found a winning way... and it's not by cheating either. This was probably 10 years ago or so when I first joined up with this bunch, now I'm here in CT. A whole new world out here on the gaming scene. Places to game are sparse, and the crowd at the LGS is... not what I'm used to. A lot of young guys out there throwing around way more testosterone then I'd ever dealt with. Out here it doesn't always seem to be about theme, story, or background but more about who has the biggest set of huevos. Even worse, it's hard to ever find what I need/want when I'm there shopping.

Fortunately for me, my brothers in the 40k Fightclub have pulled me back into the fold a bit with a 2010 Painting Resolution (moreso Hornblower for initiating the challenge). The task is to paint a certain unit each month of the year. Must be fully painted, based and sealed with a picture to prove what you've done. We get to sport a marker on a chart that shows what we've completed as well.

Januarys' project was a Wolf Lord in terminator armour with a thunder hammer and storm shield. This is the first model I've fully painted in years but I was able to complete it. I'm now working on my February project... a squad of Grey Hunters with Lukas the Trickster attached. I'll have pictures of my workings up soon. One will show that Lukas is not the pewter model sold by GW, but instead my conversion using the various bits given in the new Space Wolf Pack box.

I'm hoping to keep up on this blog a little better then the last one I had so please stay tuned and make sure to post a comment if you feel I'm slacking. For now, I'm off to build a few guys I need to for this months challenge. Until next time all...